NFTs ARE CRASHING (do this now)

NFTs ARE CRASHING (do this now)
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NFTs are crashing again. Bored Apes, Clone X, Azuki, Punks and pretty much anything you can name are down off their all-time highs by double digit percentages.

Overhyped projects like HAPEBEAST have dropped from a 9 ETH floor to under 2 Ethereum in just about one month. I think this twitter poll very nicely explains what the market sentiment is right now – unsure, but mostly bearish. This isn’t a time to freak out, but rather a time to pounce on the right opportunity for that shopping spree you’ve always dreamed of.

Let’s discuss how we’re going to take advantage of it to find some great NFTs on discount:

1. NFT volume hit an all-time high in January 2021 with nearly 5 billion dollars in trading volume on Opensea alone. For comparison that’s more than double what we saw in November and about 2b more than the previous all time high in August. So safe to say investors were eager to start spending on those glorious jpgs early in 2022. We saw some incredibly hype projects launch with that demand such as Azuki, HAPEBEAST, PX Quest, Metroverse, and WVRPSound. Some of these projects are still performing very well, but most January launches have seen the same decline as the overall market – downward. You can even see on my NFT Calendar that as the month went on, the general trend was less and less instant profit on new projects. I believe this partly due to the volume in the NFT space drying up and moving into crypto.

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0:00 These NFTs are crashing
0:45 What is happening to NFTs
1:45 NFT Strategy
2:55 FTX US NFT Platform
4:00 Finding Blue Chip NFTs
5:00 NEW NFT Meta: Play to Earn Games

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Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges (2022)
– Coinbase: Best for Beginners
– Coinbase Pro: Best for high volume traders & institutions
– Binance US: Best for Low Fees, many transactions
– Kraken: Best for Margin/Future Trading
– KuCoin: Best for Altcoin trading
– Best for interest earning & crypto rewards
– Robinhood: Never buy crypto on Robinhood!
– FTX: Best Fees, Great Platform, Made by traders!
– Gemini: Accessible for NY Crypto investors!

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This video will show you:
Make money with NFTs
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NFTs ARE CRASHING (do this now)
NFTs ARE CRASHING (do this now)
NFTs ARE CRASHING (do this now)

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