Top 10 Most Expensive NFTs Sold So Far !!

Welcome to the absolute luxury, in today’s video I will share with you the “Top 10 Most Expensive NFTs Sold So Far.

With the exponential growth in the NFT space, coupled with the Metaverse craze, it is not surprising that digital creators are minting anything into NFTs! With blockchain technology reshaping the digital space and NFTs making headlines every day, let us take a walk around the top 10 most expensive NFTs ever sold!
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10. Ocean Front: $6 million
9. Xcopy’s – A Coin for the Ferryman – $6 million
8. Beeple – Crossroad: $6.6M
7. Art Blocks – Ringers 109: $6.9 million
6. Xcopy – Right-Click and Save As Guy: 7.09M
5. Larva Labs – CryptoPunk #3100: $7.58 million
4. Larva Labs – CryptoPunk #7523: $11.75 million
3. Beeple – Human One: $28.9 million
2. Every day’s – The First 5000 days: $69.3 million
1. The Merge: $91.8 million

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