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In this episode we discuss 6 of the Most Hyped Upcoming NFT projects out there!

Mutant Shiba Club
Imaginary Ones
Invisible Friends

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Who am I? I’m Tom (I’m not Australian btw lol) and I want to help 1 million folks learn NFT and Web 3.0 technology so that they can get themselves to financial freedom, ultimately having a fun and fulfilling life to help others as well!!

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My vision is to build the greatest community of INTERESTED people on Earth. People that want everything life can give them. I truly believe that the technology behind Web3 and the decentralisation of data will allow us to solve the world’s greatest challenges that still plague our world.

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My dream is to learn lessons from the brightest minds on Earth. The faces behind transformative technology. My mission will be to tell their stories. I think Elon Musk is the most interested man in humankind’s history. One day I will interview him πŸ˜‰

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