Year of the Woman NFT Drop | Yasmin Shima

Interview with Yasmin Shima at NFT LA. She’s an amazing artist from Australia, on a world tour promoting her NFT project Year of the Woman. She has a dedicated team and a bright future! Don’t miss this one!
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My show Poppin Crypto with Cassius Cuvée explores everything related to Web 3.0 innovations while also integrating music, entertainment, and education. I am a recording artist from Oakland. My art is a reflection of my life experiences. As a crypto and Web 3.0 enthusiast, many of my creations include music with a purpose of financial literacy and tech innovation but I have a wide range of interests and many talents so my style is never going to be boxed in or defined by a certain sound or look. I am riding my own wave. Investing, Web 3, boxing, and poppin cuvée champagne to celebrate life and enjoy the ride!

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